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My daughter has been monitoring tweets about actor Cory Monteith’s death this weekend. I think it’s been quite some time that a person who was on TV weekly and loved by many teens and young adults has passed away. For them I think this is going to be very hard and significant. They need our prayers. I want to blog about it more to the teens I know later this week.

But in her watching tweets, my daughter found that the Westboro Baptist Church is spewing its vile attitude again, being “Glee-ful” at Cory’s death, and threatening to picket. They don’t represent me at all, and when they are described as Baptists and as a church that really bothers me. I’ve been wanting to say something for a while about them, especially for people who aren’t part of the orthodox Christian community.

This is what I hope you know:

Baptists Are Not All the Same

First, “Baptist” is not a term that always stands for a well organized denomination. There are several good Baptist denominations or confederations between churches that provide checks and balances if needed to the individual churches and pastors. But “Baptist” basically means only that one believes that when a person becomes a Christian he or she should be baptized by immersion in water. It says nothing, really, about how the church lives out its faith.

If you and I wanted to go out right now, buy a building, and start a Roman Catholic parish to run any way we pleased, we couldn’t. We would need to come in line with the denomination and agree to their viewpoint. But if you and I wanted to buy a building and hang a sign that said, “Baptist Church – Come Sunday at 10”, there’s nothing to stop us.

The Westboro Baptist Church is run by one man independently. The condemning things the church says and the picketing and hatred they promote are the teachings of this man. He is in a miniscule minority. Very, very few Baptists would join him on the picket line, and many, many of us would be glad to serve in the lines of “human shields” who protect mourners from what Westboro’s doing. They do not speak for the American Baptists and Conservative Baptists I have known, and I’m sure they don’t impress the Southern Baptists, either. Overwhelmingly they speak only for themselves.

The Matter of Being a “church”

Usually churches are made up of believers from a community. The members share a faith in the essentials of Christianity, but from there, they can be from different cultures, races, and economic classes. The Westboro church is made up almost completely of the relatives of the pastor. That’s an unusual and insular situation, lacking diversity and giving the pastor the powerful dual relationship of religious leader and family patriarch with almost everyone. There’s a proverb in the Bible, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17) In other words, my differences of opinion with yours are like two swords sharpening against each other and becoming greater tools to sharpen both our understandings of God and the Bible. The extreme and unquestioned opinions, and the lack of outside community participation, should give anyone pause. A church was never meant to be a closed group.

As It Should Be

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Although the terms “Baptist” and “church” grate me when used with Westboro, the last thing I hope you know is more important by far:

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34 and 35

Below is a beautiful song based on this verse by Christie Knockles:

They Will Know Us By Our Love

This command of Jesus is buttressed by so many parables and incidents in His ministry: the Good Samaritan, the adulterous woman, the injunction not to judge lest you be judged. Accusing people of sins and humiliating them is not the way to go. The Holy Spirit can convict people of their sins far better than we can. We were sent to love as Christ loved us.

The Westboro people may believe that Jesus died for their sins and is their Lord and Savior, and it’s not mine to take that away from them if they say they believe it. But my understanding is far different than theirs. I believe Jesus died not only to take my sins, but so I would have His life and love in me, and because of that, in my life and the lives of other believers this kind of hateful venom would end. Let me say it again:

My Savior hung naked on a cross so that this kind of hatred would stop. It’s that important.


Love Never Fails Video

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This video was created by my daughter, Leah, for her Christian living class. The music is a wonderful song written by Brandon Heath. I thought you would enjoy her video as we look at love as a fruit of the Spirit.


Love Never Fails

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Love never fails.

This phrase has made me squirm for the past few years.  It was written on the inside of our wedding bands.  And yet we divorced twenty years later and my husband has gone on to take the vows of love with someone else.  What we started with we could not see at the end.

Perhaps we did not start out with the kind of love that Paul describes.  It could be that we didn’t understand that fierce, ever burning love as we thought we did.  Maybe, rather than love failing us, we failed love.

Some might say that these things happen.  It was a very bold saying to engrave on our rings.  You can’t expect this much. Most people don’t feel the same after many years.

The Greatest of These is Love

The Greatest of These is Love

A great number of mistakes and sins brought us to where we ended up and I would not want you to think I discount that.  But I have also come to believe that we read this Scripture wrong.  It is not the love between husband and wife that never fails.  The love between any two people may fail.  It is the love of God that never fails.

I Corinthians 13 is a description of the love of God, masterful and perfect, and the love we should try to show others we have received from Jesus.  It is not our personal feelings and preferences.  Certainly we don’t want to always be patient, or kind, or give up our own self interests.  It is not driven by the desires we have on earth.

This love comes from heaven.  Paul even talks about martyrdom meaning nothing without love.  This is a love more than life itself.  No wonder it endures all things.

Now I read that sentence, “The love of God never fails.”  I am not possessor of that kind of love, just a conduit.  If I want that kind of love to live in my relationships of any kind, I can’t look to my own feelings.  I have to look to Him.